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How to use the zigzag hairband?


Make a loop and pass the desired amount of hair through it. Pull the string and it is finished. Do you like very visible colours in your hair? Leave the ends of the ZigZag hairband loose or pull them round the hair and fasten the end.

Top Knots

Put your hair together at the desired height. Pull it half through the ZigZag hairband. Pull the string and it is fastened. Shape your knot and it is ready. Leave the ends loose or pull them round your hair and fasten them.

Hair Braids

Braid ZigZag hairbands of different colours.


Put the ZigZag hairband around your wrist, fasten the end underneath and it is ready. Do you like colours? Put 5 or 6 together.

How are the hairbands made?

Zigzag Classic hairbands are made with residues from the textile industry so help create a more beautiful world in these bizarre times They are made by local people and can fulfill my mission to create jobs in the Canary Islands and mean something for society.

The secret of the ZigZag hair bands is the way they are twisted. Because of the unique system you only have to get your hair through the loop once and not 2 or 3 times as with another hair elastic. Discover our many possibilities They are indispensable for your hair trendy, hip and a must have.

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